Obama: A Mainstream Media Blunder

Obama: A Mainstream Media Blunder Image

By now I am sure you have seen President Obama’s “outburst heard ‘round the world.”  That was the 7-minute interview the President did with Dallas WFAA reporter Brad Watson last week that showed everyone a very different side of Obama.   It does not take a behavioral expert see the feelings of anger erupt from Obama’s face and hear displeasure in his voice when he scolded Watson with the words, “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?”

After watching the interview one question came to mind:  Why are we just now seeing the cool and collected Obama get prickly, especially in a comfortable setting such as the White House?  There is only one answer to that question – he is not used to being pressed hard in an interview.  After all the mainstream media has been covering for his flaws since the beginning of his campaign for President.  Doesn’t that make the MSM responsible for Obama job as President?

The media is oftentimes labeled as the unofficial fourth branch of government.  That label refers to their responsibility to the people to keep the government in check by serving as watchdogs.  A free and independent press acting on its duty to research and report to the people the ills in and around government should help prevent corruption from taking root – that is if the media itself is not corrupt.  I think the JournoList conspiracy put any doubt about the media being corrupt to rest.

It is completely normal for the MSM to sleep in the same bed with Democrats.  That has been going on for decades.  Even though Americans have increasingly lost trust in the MSM, the MSM has not lost an ounce of love for liberal Democrats.  In the case of then Presidential candidate Barack Obama the MSM propped the largely unknown man up to be something he could never be on his own.

Prior to the presidency Obama was a man with absolutely no executive experience and little political experience.  His U.S. Senate seat wasn’t even warm before he started his Presidential campaign, yet he was somehow able to get elected to the most powerful and influential position in the world.  He did not make that monumental leap all by himself though.  He had the MSM’s blind love to thank for the big win.

Obama’s cool-guy, liberal rhetoric mesmerized the MSM so much so that they began to cast him as the savior of America, a Messiah-like man who was so intellectually above politics and race that he could unite this country like it has never been before and make other nations respect us again.  To them the Obama-mania was beyond explanation and without end.  It even caused some kind of euphoric thrill to run up MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ leg!

When you have this much bias for a candidate the tough questions will naturally never come out.  Obama’s non-answers settled the media’s weak attempts to raise a few semi-serious questions.  Anyone who tried to do some honest reporting was tarred and feathered with unfounded accusations of being a racist or fear-monger.

And that was that!  Obama was never pressed on his ties to the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres.  His connection to radical pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright was shoved aside as if it was a non-issue.  He was not sincerely questioned about his Marxist family background, his redistribution of wealth ideas, and why he didn’t believe the United States was an exceptional nation.  Most importantly the MSM did not force Obama to go beyond his general talking points and pressure him to give specific information about his social and economic agenda for America.  The single exception I recall is Bill O’Reilly’s interview, but even O’Reilly let Obama weasel out of several key questions.

Now fast forward from Candidate Obama to President Obama.  The MSM hero has turned into a big zero.  While he succeeded in passing his liberal agenda while Democrats controlled Congress (albeit with some trouble regarding ObamaCare), it was that very agenda that stirred up a nationwide revolt at the polls last November.  He has now lost control of the House.  Since he took office unemployment rates went from 6% to 10.4% and finally flattened out at over 9% – even though his administration promised that it would never go above 8%!  The regulatory arms of the federal government have reached out to strangle opposing states (Texas) and industries (Gulf coast drilling).  Obama has involved America in a third war in the Middle East.  America’s deficits have exceeded $1.6 trillion with trillions of more future deficit spending planned that will add more to the $14 trillion national debt.  This is Obama’s success story!

Some say that it is unfair to blame Obama completely for the mess he is in.  That is certainly true, but it is without question that Obama is absolutely responsible for the decisions (or lack thereof) that he has made since he has been President.  But keep in mind that Obama did not make it to the White House on his own.  The media, using propaganda, spin, and blind faith did their part to prop up an unproven man to a position he was not qualified for.  While Obama’s failures are ultimately his responsibility let us not discount the MSM’s role in his rise and eventual fall.  And remember that they will be around long after Obama has stepped down from his throne.

  • Frank Thaven

    Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of American Conservatives once said, "No one group in this country is better than another. No one race or religion or sex or color is better than another. … It's time we erased the last vestiges of intolerance, bigotry and unkindness from our hearts. Decency demands this and so does our history."

    I first make the assumption that Reagan’s words are taken at face value by most Conservatives. I also assume that Reagan is accepted as the philosophical touchstone of the Tea Party – at least judging by the number of his quotes that festoon the Conservative Web sites I’ve visited.
    A third assumption – for the sake of argument if nothing else – the Tea Party is officially opposed to racism.

    So, applying my assumptions and supposing that Reagan’s words actually carry weight, why do we see the worst kind of racial lampoons and skits that are at least offensive – if not racist – at Tea Party rallies?

    Why do people bearing, for example, posters of President Obama as an African witch doctor feel they would be welcome at a Tea Party rally?