A GOP Townhall Gets Heated

“We can’t afford it, you moron!”

Sometimes I wish townhall meetings were this heated in my precinct, but I thankfully I have a good Congressman in a pretty conservative district.  Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan may change the decorum though.  It certainly kept the mood tense in Republican Rep. Dan Webster’s townhall:


Hot Air points out that Webster is the man who is sitting in Alan Grayson’s former seat.  As leftist organizations such as MoveOn.org and unions get their troops rallied this kind of townhall will be repeated all across the country.  It should make for some interesting video clips.  While I do not underestimate the left’s means of organizing an effective protest, there is no question in my mind that the heart and enthusiasm of a tea partier to fight for smaller government and lower spending will outmatch any leftist pushing for the alternative (status quo).