Arizona Students Conduct Out of Control Protest Over Losing Their Mexican-American History Class

People do bizarre things when it comes to protests, especially liberals.  In fact, oftentimes you have to question their sanity and wonder if they think they are truly helping their cause. One such event happened in an Arizona High School over their curriculum which up until recently gave students the option of taking a Mexican-American history class or a US History class.  The administration wanted the class gone and because the law authorizes them to shut down any class that promoted the “overthrow of the US Government, promoted resentment towards a race or a particular ethnic group” they feel that they were completely within their rights.

When the school board met to discuss this particular problem students had chained themselves to the desk, beating their hands and screaming out of control for two hours, clearly following the Alinsky playbook of Rules For Radicals.

You can see a disturbing clip of it here: (H/T to the Blaze)

Students Protest Ethnic Studies Curriculum Change:


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