Limbaugh On Obama’s BC: ‘It’s All About The Polling Data’

Of course it is about the polling data!

Now that Obama has finally released the long form of his birth certificate the big question floating around many circles is, “What took so long?”

The past two plus years the birth certificate conspiracy has been around I wasn’t able to pinpoint a reason why Obama would hide such a simple document from the public that would dispel an issue that could manifest into a full blown conspiracy.  The only logical reason I could come up with is that if the Obama camp could control the debate by casting birthers as a loony, fringe group of people they would benefit politically.  It never reached full-blown conspiracy levels so apparently that strategy worked – that is before Donald Trump came along.

I have to give The Donald kudos on this.  He single-handedly did what nobody else could do:  connect with people with the birth certificate issue so well that it forces Obama to reluctantly react.  Limbaugh explains:

“I think up until now the polling data showed it was a winning issue for Obama; the birthers were considered crackpots, [and] the polling data showed that as long as it continued that way there was hay to be made by Obama not releasing the birth certificate and stoking these people.”

“Then trump comes along and I really believe that the internal polling data that the White House runs shows that the issue was starting to take place.”

h/t to The Blaze and Daily Rushbo