Club For Growth Congressional Scorecard: Results Are In!

Who’s hot and who’s not on economic growth issues?

Club for Growth publishes a Congressional Scorecard each year that lists House and Senate Members according to their score on economic growth issues.  The scale is simple:  100 is the highest (best) score possible and 0 is the lowest (worst) score possible.  Here are the categories that Congressmen are scored on:

The rating examines legislative actions that affect our immediate pro-economic growth policy goals, including:

•    Lower marginal income tax rates
•    Cutting and limiting government spending
•    Death Tax repeal
•    Expanding free trade
•    Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
•    Replacing the current tax code
•    School choice
•    Regulatory reform and deregulation
•    Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts

Not all of these policy goals will come up for a vote in each session of Congress. In the 2010 Session, many of the votes were on bills that proposed laws that would directly harm these goals.

So how did lawmakers score?  You probably have a good idea already.  Reps Eric Cantor (VA), Steve King (IA), Mike Pence (IN), and Michele Bachmann (MN) are all among the Republican House members that topped the chart with a perfect score.  The highest ranked Democrat starts at 65% – Bobby Bright (AL).  In the Senate Jim DeMint (SC) and Tom Coburn (OK) are the only members that received a 100% score.  That makes sense if you think about the way may Republican Senators vote.  I was actually surprised to see John McCain at 97%.  Ben Nelson (NE) is the highest ranked Democrat with a score of 50%.  Impressive huh?  Yet he is still higher than RINO Olympia Snowe (ME).

Keep a copy of the lists for the next election cycle:

Click here for the House scorecard.  PDF here (more detailed).

Click here for the Senate scorecard.  PDF here (more detailed).