Freeloaders: Andrew Breitbart vs. Pigford Attorney Al Pires

“‘Get a job!”

I must admit that I did not follow Big Government’s Pigford investigation as intently as I should have.  I’ll use the “too much to do, so little time” excuse in this case.  But it is still a story worth looking into, even if it has been months since Breitbart broke the case of fraud.

For the full story click here to read the numerous Pigford articles on Big Government.

If you have a general understanding of the Pigford case then you will like this next video from Mediaite. John Stossel decided to pair up Breitbart with the “freeloaders'” attorney Al Pires and watch the sparks fly.  After Pires started throwing out insults at Breitbart (“Who are you?…You’re some gadfly from Hollywood”) it got a little interesting.  Here is a snippet of the Mediaite article with the video:

John Stossel’s Freeloaders special calling out individuals for milking the system ruffled a few feathers, namely the “freeloaders” in question. To celebrate the outrage, Stossel invited his choice “freeloaders” back, among them colorful defense attorney Al Pires. In a stroke of genius, Stossel paired the lawyer with Andrew Breitbart, who happens to have a history with the USDA himself. Classic cable news unproductive yelling ensued.

Pires got on Stossel’s “freeloaders” list for representing black farmers attempting to receive aid for their farms from the USDA to balance out institutional racism. In the process, Pires created a new represented class that expanded the number of people who could claim subsidies exponentially. The story had been highlighted on Big Government, and Breitbart repeated the claims on his site to Pires in person: that “there were only 18,000 black farmers, only two to three thousand claims,” so Pires, in Breitbart’s estimation, expanded the class to make more money. Needless to say Pires didn’t take the claims too well.