Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders Asked To Address Book To “Capitalism”

“I was hoping you would make your book out to capitalism, the greatest economic system on earth.”

Admittedly that is an odd request for anyone to receive at a book signing event, but it makes more sense when you understand that Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-professed socialist.  So when Jason Mattera, editor at Human Events, approached Sanders with the book he is promoting, The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class, this is the response he got (the follow up questions are classic!):

Well at least the children of Vermont will benefit from Sanders’ entrepreneurial venture.  If it sounds hypocritical that’s because it is!  But assuming that Sanders does make good on his pledge to send the proceeds from his book sales to charity then will he use that as a tax deduction to lower his taxable income in 2012?

It must be a painful mental struggle to be a devout socialist in such an opportunistic capitalist society.