Herman Cain: I Would Offer Palestinians ‘Nothing’. They Don’t Want Peace

The Cain Doctrine

It is official – Herman Cain is in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.  So with Obama’s throwing Israel under the bus topping the news headlines the question is:  What would President Cain do?  Here is the answer, courtesy of Mediaite:

“Nothing. Because I’m not convinced that the Palestinians are really interested in peace. . . . If we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push the Israelis and push Israel for more and more and more. I don’t agree with that.”

With that kind of simple, common sense answer it is clear why Cain keeps getting high remarks in the blogosphere and polls.  The same goes for Allen West.  As a matter of fact some conservatives have been wising for the two of them to come together for a dream presidential ticket.  What do you think?