Democrat Walks Off Stage During Fox News Debate

Drop the ball and run!

Simon Rosenberg is a former campaign adviser to Bill Clinton.  He was asked to take part in a debate over Medicare and Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget plan with conservative talk radio host Ben Ferguson.  However, when the discussion started to get heated over Democrat fear-mongering Rosenberg decided to quit the interview and walk off stage.

This debate starts with a video showing former President Clinton discussing with Rep. Paul Ryan (without knowledge their conversation was being recorded) about the need to address Medicare.  Both were in agreement that Medicare must be fixed.  Clinton even told Ryan that he hopes Democrats do not use their special election victory in New York “as an excuse to do nothing” – as Ryan fears will happen.  Watch:

As much as I cannot stand Democrats such as Anthony Weiner and Barney Frank at least they have the guts to hold their own in a stiff debate.  Perhaps they are better liars than Rosenberg or maybe they they have more fun with political spin, but I cannot fault them for cowering during a debate.  Simon Rosenberg on the other hand is a different story.

H/t to The Blaze