Pre-Crime: DHS Making Minority Report A Reality

Think FAST!

That is the Future Attribute Screening Technology which is the new program the Department of Homeland Security is now testing.  Its purpose is much like the purpose of the pre-crime program that was depicted in the hit Minority Report – to detect who is about to commit a crime before it is committed.

The video below, although quite boring, details how FAST works.  By scanning an individual it can detect physiological indicators such as heart rate, eye movement, and other natural indicators people give off when they are under stress.  Then FAST can make a judgment on whether someone has “malintent.”

I actually have no problem with security operators using body language as layer of defense in our nation.  Israel does it and does it very well!  Quite frankly it makes more sense to do that than grope granny or military veterans at the airport.  At the same time there is a lot of room for something like this to drift into the tyranny column.  Who runs the machine?  What power do they have when they want to screen someone for “malintent?”  What power do they have if FAST detects “malintent?”  Is FAST to be used as a passive or active layer of security?  That is will it be only to tip off boots on the ground to monitor individuals or will it be used to detain individuals?  What recourse do individuals have if they are falsely accused of “malintent?” Those are all serious questions that need to be answered.  American’s certainly are not going to take DHS’s word for it!

H/t to The Blaze