UK Singer Adele Blasts Socialism!

She already has found a secure place on my Ipod but I’ll now be singing along with her music with a new zeal and appreciation. Adele goes to prove that not all musicians, celebrities, and performers are boneheads and what a welcome relief it is to observe a bit of common sense in that world of pinheads.

“I’m mortified to have to pay 50 per cent! [While] I use the NHS, I can’t use public transport any more. Trains are always late, most state schools are s**t, and I’ve gotta give you, like, four million quid – are you having a laugh? When I got my tax bill in from [her album] 19, I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire.”

Via The Blaze:

Adele‘s comments come during a time in Britain where many of the country’s youth are blasting austerity. Consequently, the comments have been panned.

“Now, I love Adele. But that doesn’t exactly endear you to her, does it?” writes Guardian blogger Rob Fitzpatrick. He goes on to make a case that Adele pays nothing compared to the Beatles, who complained about being taxed at 95 percent.

It may not endear any of the socialistic pigs to her and even though there are those singers who may have been gouged even worse than she has been, it does not make it right.  Keep preaching it, sister!  Those of us who work hard, want to keep what we earn and feel we can spend it better than any overreaching and irresponsible government applaud and support you!

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