More Weiner Photos Emerge

Weiner grabbing his…

You get the idea.  That pretty much sums up what the latest pictures of Anthony Weiner show.  The big difference with these pictures is that they were taken in a gym – the U.S. House Members gym.

If you visited the locker room of a gym you would expect to see people using towels to cover their naked bodies.  Naturally the scene in the House gym is much the same.  However, if you saw someone taking pictures of themselves while in such a place wouldn’t you find it a bit inappropriate?  How about if the person was a Congressman that is taking home a handsome taxpayer funded salary while on taxpayer funded property who then sent those pictures of a woman online?  To Anthony Weiner – no problem!

TMZ has obtained 11 very provocative pictures of Congressman Weiner in the House Gym.  He apparently took pictures of himself in front of a mirror with his blackberry.  In most of the pictures he is only wearing a towel.  In a few of them he seems to be groping his own junk.  I cannot tell if he was conducting a testicular self exam (TSE for short) or if he was experimenting with TSA groping procedures.  In either case he seemed to be enjoying himself!  With that being said if you would like to see the pictures click here (Warning:  The pictures do not show full nudity – thank God – but some of them are explicit.)

To top this story off Weiner is facing an increasing amount of pressure to resign.  But he is sticking it to the man, or to be gender sensitive in the case of Nancy Pelosi he is sticking it to the woman.

The second-ranking House Democrat on Sunday joined the party leadership in urging Rep. Anthony Weiner to quit because of his sexting scandal, a request the New York lawmaker has sidestepped in favor of a temporary leave of absence…

Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 House Democrat, spoke of Weiner’s “bizarre and unacceptable behavior” in sending inappropriate pictures of himself to young women. Hoyer said it would be “extraordinarily difficult” for Weiner to continue to represent his constituents effectively…

Weiner announced Saturday that he was entering professional treatment at an undisclosed location and wanted a leave of absence from Congress. A statement from an aide did not say where he would receive treatment or what type was involved.

That announcement came right after House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the national party head, said Weiner must go.