Obama On Stimulus: ‘Shovel-ready Was Not As Shovel-Ready As We Expected’

Alternative response by President Obama:  “The joke’s on you!”

“Shove-ready projects.”  That was one of the key phrases used by Obama and his Democrat cohorts to sell the stimulus package to the American people.  If you’d like a refresher here is a clip from Hannity showing various of Obama’s “shovel-ready” speeches:

Quick flashback:  In October 2010, about 20 months after the stimulus package passed, Obama admitted that there was no such thing as “shovel-ready projects.”

Now jumping ahead 8 more months, nearly 2.5 years after the stimulus package was signed into law President Obama is again admitting the failure of a significant part of his prized “economic recovery” strategy.  From Fox News:

President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness met today in Durham, NC at Cree Inc., a company that manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting. One of the Council’s recommendations to President Obama was to streamline the federal permit process for construction and infrastructure projects. It was explained to Obama that the permitting process can delay projects for “months to years … and in many cases even cause projects to be abandoned … I’m sure that when you implemented the Recovery Act your staff briefed you on many of these challenges.” At this point, Obama smiled and interjected, “Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.” The Council, led by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter.

The Obama administration promised the Recovery Act (“the stimulus”) would prevent the jobless rate from going over 8%. It now stands at 9.1%.

How many more examples are needed for Democrats (or at least the Americans that support them)  to realize that the struggling economy is not a result of a lack of effectiveness of Obama’s “economic recovery” plans.  The American economy is struggling because of Obama’s plans and the impeding of government in the free market under his administration!  At worst if you leave the economy alone it will cycle in and out of good times and bad.  It is when you continually try to blunt a down cycle with socialist policies such as the one’s Obama (and even GWB’s stimulus) that interfere with that natural process.  Then again under the name of “fairness” I’m sure Obama’s policies are working exactly as Obama had planned.