Moderate Republican Candidates: A MSM Formula For Failure

Who should choose the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election:  the mainstream media or the Republican primary voters?  Perhaps that question is better asked as who will choose the Republican nominee?  Do not forget what happened during the last go-round.

The liberal MSM media absolutely loves to get involved with choosing candidates for the Republican Party.   Their objectives, either by natural occurrence or by collaborated effort (JournoList being an example of liberal MSM collaboration) are never to support a Republican candidate, but instead to set one up for failure.  Prime example – John McCain!

John McCain was the darling Republican among the MSM.  Even when he was not running for a presidential nomination he received fairly favorable attention from the MSM.  I am sure there are many reasons to speculate as to why McCain was treated better than other conservative Republicans, but the most obvious reason is this:  McCain is not a conservative!  The kind attention the MSM gave McCain even after he launched his bid for the Republican nomination had nothing to do with his camera appeal, motivating tone, or awe-inspiring speeches.  It had everything to do with the fact that he was the most liberal of the Republican nominees!

It is a fact that when moderate Republicans run for office they lose!  Gerald Ford lost to the weak and inexperienced Jimmie Carter.  Bob Dole lost in ever presidential election he was involved in.  John McCain lost to George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries.  Over-spending, big-government Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008.  And then when McCain finally got the Republican nomination he repeated the Ford – Carter debacle by losing to the inexperienced Barack Obama.  I repeat – in one way or another when moderate Republicans run for office they lose!

Nominating and electing moderate Republicans may be a losing strategy for the Republican Party and conservatives, but the situation offer liberals many political advantages.  Ultimately when it comes to being liberal in public policy not even the best moderate Republican can beat the Democrats long-term.  They may win an election from time to time, but eventually liberals will kick out weak liberal (aka moderate Republican or RINO) and install an official liberal – one from the Democrat party.

The Republican Party learned this lesson again in the 2008 elections when McCain miserably lost to a candidate with enough baggage to fill a 747.  As far as the MSM goes it was a job well done!  They shielded McCain from their typical liberal venom until after he was nominated, then they almost unanimously flocked to Obama’s camp.  And they cannot wait to do it again!  Watch as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasts conservatives for not supporting moderate Republicans (who lost!):

It is this behavior by the MSM that causes me tune out virtually everything I hear them say about the Republican contenders in the upcoming presidential primaries.   The liberal MSM will never get behind or offer fair coverage to solid conservative candidates that emerge from the Republican field.  The only candidate liberals can get behind is one that closely emulates what they would like to see from a Republican –liberalism!  So when the MSM trashes candidate X and Y and talks big about how candidate Z has what it takes to win the nomination do you really think they are supporting that person?  Don’t count on it!  When the time comes they will do what they always do – that is quietly, but quickly slip into bed with Obama and fire liberal artillery at the Republican candidate non-stop.  The best rule of thumb may be to seriously consider the candidate that the MSM demonizes the most!

  • duckmeal

    Well stated and true. Anyone who can’t see that the MSM consists of a herd of lock-step liberals is stubbornly and willfully blind.

  • Den

    yes… you fail to realize, sir, that these rebuttlickins do not need the MSM to take them out. They do just fine by themselves, as we are currently witnessing amongst the 2012 candidates.
    Nice one by the way Hugh! Did the MSM force McCain to choose Palin as a running mate? Hmmmm?!?!? He did it to himself, dummy!

  • Hugh Jassol

    What really scares the hell out of me is that you really believe all this MSM bullshit. McCain lost because he was a WEAK candidate. A pandering, career politician taking one last shot at the brass ring for which, by the way, he was totally unqualified. That's not to mention his idiotic choice for a running mate. You bring to mind a marathon runner who finishes 10 minutes behind the winner and blames it on the stopwatch. Get a grip.

  • 9867t987

    no such thing as liberal MSM

    go back to your FOXhole!