Alan Colmes Heated Defense Of Weiner On Fox News Debate

Integrity is not a pre-requisite to be a Democrat Congressman.

Anthony Weiner repeatedly lied to his constituents, the media, and America about sending explicit pictures of himself to various woman online.  He disgraced himself, his family, and the Congressional office he holds.  While it is true that ever man is a sinner, it is a different story when someone who is living a life of sin and engaging in inappropriate behavior while serving in an elected position.  That is especially true when someone is engaging in that inappropriate behavior during official business hours and on public property as Weiner has apparently done.  But to some liberals that should not compel someone to resign.  So what if you are lying sex addict with the uncontrollable urge to take nude pictures of yourself and send them to girls all over the country…so says liberal commentator Alan Colmes: