Exposing Leftists For Who They Are

One of the most overused battle cries that liberals use is the word “fairness.”  They use it quite effectively because fairness is in every American’s blood.  However, when you shine just a little bit of light on the seemingly good-hearted “fairness” policies that liberals hold so dear to their hearts what you will actually see is hypocrisy and discrimination.

I have learned that the easiest way to educate an ignorant liberal is to ask very simple questions that cause them to defend their own position.  Sometimes when you try to attack ignorance with blunt facts the other person instinctively goes into self-preservation mode.  Looking stupid or digging in your heels for the sake of pride – which do you think is the more traveled path?   Now on the other hand if you ask a question that forces the other person to think about and logically defend their position with common sense you can typically see the gears turning in their head as they start to question themselves.

A group of college students decided to put that strategy into action around their college campus, but instead of trying to directly engage in political debate with other students they decided to have a little fun with the project.  What better way than to walk around campus asking students to support a variety of petitions while getting them to admit their own hypocrisy?    That is exactly what Exposing Leftists did!

Exposing Leftists has published with a series of videos that clearly show the hypocrisy of liberalism.  We have commented on a few of the videos before, but after I watched the most recent video they came out with I decided it was worth highlighting them all on our front page.   It is not often when someone creatively combines both entertainment and education with politics.  Exposing Leftists gets an A in my book!  Enjoy:

Would you sign a petition to redistribute GPA scores just as America redistributes wealth?

– Will you pledge to pay your $47,000 share of the national debt?  No?  Then how should we eliminate the debt?

– Do you support a petition banning conservatives Rush Limbaugh, Glenn beck, and Sean Hannity from the radio and TV?

– Will you support applying affirmative action to the basketball team just as it is applied to the academic and professional world?

Exposing Leftists has done incredible job giving liberals the opportunity to reveal their own double on society.  To liberals freedom is to be strongly protected – unless you are rich, white, conservative, Republican, or any other group that opposes their agenda.  To put it into perspective liberalism is about the stealing of liberty from select groups of people and redistributing it to others based solely on someone’s opinion – all in the name of “fairness” of course.  Content of character, ambition and skills, intelligence, and creativity are not factored into the liberal equation – unless it benefits them.  Fairness?  Give me a break!

There is an alternative choice to liberalism that is harshly, and sometimes violently, trashed by liberals.  It is the only choice that offers true fairness because it is void of limitations due to social or economic status.  It gives every American equal opportunity to succeed and to fail.   It encourages and rewards hard work, innovation, and productivity while at the same time punishes laziness and corruption.   It is the choice that was chosen by our Founding Fathers and is what allowed America to become the exceptional nation that it has been since its creation.  It is the only choice if we are to remain an exceptional nation.  That choice is individual liberty and it absolutely cannot be sacrificed for what liberals deem “fair!”

  • Wes Davis

    We may share the same space/time as Lefties, but a totally different dimension/paradigm. When they say the same words, they have 180 opposite meaning from our understanding. Anything that goes against their accepted “realities” is wrong, a lie (Fox lies!), “misinformed” and of course “right wing”. “Truth” in LeftWorld is NOT about facts, but ideology. When fact and reality get in the way, facts are dismissed as “misinformation” and “hate speech”. They despise Fox News and anyone that disrupt their illusions… if you’re not Left, you’re a Right wing fanatic (NO middle ground). Same goes for “moral”, it has NOTHING to do with personal behavior (Sext 14-year olds all day!) but again is ideology, if you’re pro-choice, believe global warming and support single-payer healthcare you are “moral”. When understood you know there is NO reasoning with such folks… they must be defeated!