More Clueless: Democrats Insist On Raising Taxes

…because taking more of your money will help the economy.

Yesterday I commented on the apparent suicide pact Democrats have signed given their efforts to push for MORE stimulus spending despite the failure of every other government-led effort to stimulate the economy.  This is the underlining notion that Democrats do not get:  THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT CREATE LONG-TERM PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS! The government can pay for jobs on a temporary basis through stimulus measures, but once the taxpayer-funded gravy train stops flowing those disappear.  The government simply cannot create private sector wealth – period!

Democrats are good at giving money away – other people’s money.  You are a part of the “other people” I am referring to.  For them to give money away to some people they must first take it from someone else.  The method used to do that is increasing taxes on the so-called rich, and sometimes the middle class.  Remember, the government cannot create real wealth, real long-term jobs.  Therefore by taking more money away from the private sector the government is only causing more damage to the economy.  Regardless of what they do with that money, by taxing money out of the private sector and putting it in to government hands the economy has less money to work with.  Less money equals fewer jobs.  Fewer jobs equals lower household incomes.  Lower household incomes equals lower tax revenues.  Lower tax revenues equals a bigger call from liberals and Democrats to increase taxes on the so-called rich so that more money can be spent to stimulate the economy.  And the cycle continues until everyone wakes up hungry, jobless, and broke. But isn’t that the goal of liberals in the name of “fairness?”  Equal opportunity poverty?

Budget talks have been going on for a while now in Washington.  Who knows what actual progress has been made in these bipartisan talks with Vice-President Biden.  What we do know is President Obama has been AWOL from the entire discussion.  I guess that makes sense with campaign season warming up.  If the talks go well he can take credit.  If they do not go well then he can hide behind plausible deniability.  He must really think Americans are that stupid!

As it looks now the debt talks have completely broken down.  Democrats insist on raising taxes.  Republicans are holding firm on the fact that raising taxes in such a weak economic climate is moronic.  So with the line drawn in the sand GOP leaders walked out of the budget talks and asked the question everyone is wondering – “Where in the world has President Obama been?”

If you would like to find this blog has a fun little game to play.  Good luck!

Update:  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced today that the House will vote on a Constitutional amendment that conservatives have been calling for – a balanced budget amendment!

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement regarding House consideration of a balanced budget amendment, H.J. Res. 1, sponsored by Congressman Bob Goodlatte:

“We are being asked by the Obama Administration to approve a debt limit increase. While President Obama inherited a bad economy, his overspending and failure to enact pro-growth policies have made it worse and now our national debt is currently more than $14 trillion. House Republicans have made clear that we will not agree to raise the debt limit without real spending cuts and binding budget process reforms to ensure that we don’t continue to max out the credit card. One option to ensure that we begin to get our fiscal house in order is a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and I expect to schedule such a measure for the House to consider during the week of July 25th. I have no doubt that my Republican colleagues will overwhelmingly support this common sense measure and I urge Democrats to as well in order to get our fiscal house in order.”