Parasitic Liberals Need Capitalism!

Parasitic Liberals Need Capitalism! Image

Last week I highlighted Exposing Leftists’ videos that depict the hypocrisy of liberalism.  Whether it’s the issue of the redistribution of wealth, affirmative action, paying down the debt, or any other liberal position that exists in the name of “fairness” you can rest assured that there is nothing fair about it.

Liberals live in a fairy tale where the word “fairness” means that everyone is guaranteed equal outcomes.  If they were honest with themselves and decided to open-mindedly wake up from their dreamland and take a look at the real world they might take notice that there is a system already in place that guarantees the greatest form of fairness possible on earth.  That system is rooted on individual liberty.  It is called capitalism and it is what allows liberalism to survive!

There is no question about the greatness that capitalism has brought to the world.  Under capitalism wealth has expanded exponentially giving birth to a middle-class citizenry.  It has allowed new technology and innovation to develop at rates never before seen.  Efficiency and productivity is continuously being improved and everyone from the dirt poor to the filthy rich reaps the benefits.  Yet, despite the achievements of capitalism liberals snarl at the natural imbalance of wealth that exists because of it.

There was a time when if you did not work you did not eat.  Every man, woman, and child had to get up early to contribute to their family and community in order to survive.  Life was rough, but the desire for progress outmatched nearly any adversity that challenged a family.  You could not call in sick or take off work for a week for a vacation and expect your life to remain normal.  In America welfare benefits for unemployment, medical, housing, food, retirement, etc. did not exist.  Income taxes, burdensome regulations, and federal bureaucracies also did not exist.  You kept what you worked for and that was that!  I am sure there were liberals around during those times, but they either kept their selfish thoughts to themselves or they starved.  Those were the days, huh?

Admittedly I cannot fully comprehend the rough lifestyle that our early American ancestors experienced.  While I am certain that every generation has its share of problems I thank God for the comforts and luxuries that we have in life today.  But the luxuries that we currently enjoy – the abundant wealth, limitless opportunity, longevity, countless gadgets and doodads to meet any desire, and leisure – did not come about overnight.  They are the byproducts of over two centuries of creative ideas brought to life through tireless labor in a free economy.  They are all illustrations of the success of capitalism.  And ironically this success of capitalism is what actually allowed modern liberalism to emerge.

Liberalism relies on the confiscation of wealth (property, liberty) from one group of people (producers) and giving it to another group of people.  Because of this liberalism depends on capitalists to prosper.  In other words if there were not enough producers out there to risk their time and wealth to create something of value then liberals would not have anything to steal.  Therefore, like a parasite requires a host to sustain its life liberalism needs producers to create wealth so that it can be taken and redistributed – thus continuing their existence.   This is vividly described in Ayn Rand’s masterpiece novel Atlas Shrugged.

The understanding of capitalism giving the opportunity for liberalism to loot from producers for their selfish means is a very sad case of irony.  If there is any light in the situation it is in knowing that there is a natural limit to the destruction that liberals can do to wealth producers in a capitalist system.  There is only so much that capitalists will allow you to steal from them before they decide it is not worth their time and effort and they close down shop.  At that point everyone is a loser, but because liberals have grown accustomed to mooching off of others for their livelihood they will become the biggest losers of them all.  There are only two ways out of that bleak situation:  the government can unleash the economy from its interventions that encourage liberals to loot from the producers in society or the government can step in and take complete control of the economy (communism).  If that time comes will Americans choose the option that has blessed them so much already or will they call on government to for more assistance?