TSA Fail: Nigerian Man Flies With Expired Boarding Pass And Invalid Passport!

TSA is too busy groping hotties, stripping grandmas of their diapers, and stripping down babies to notice the real security breaches. Perhaps if they pulled their hands out of our deepest canals they would have noticed that a foreign national was flying without a valid passport and using an expired boarding pass…with someone else’s name on it!!! Via CBS News:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – CBS News has confirmed that authorities are looking into a shocking security breach that took place at John F. Kennedy International Airport last week.

Investigators say Olajide Olwaseun Noibi, a Nigerian, boarded Virgin America Flight 415 to Los Angeles without a valid passport or identification, using an expired boarding pass that belonged to someone else.

The FBI says Noibi sat in the main cabin and when a flight attendant asked him to show his boarding pass, he produced the expired pass.

Noibi was still allowed to get off the plane when it landed in Los Angeles.

Days later, investigators say he went back to LAX and tried to board a Delta flight to Atlanta.

This time, he was searched and airport officials found 10 expired boarding passes in his bag , none of them in his name.

The Transportation Security Administration says Noibi was screened before he boarded the flight from New York.

Noibi was taken into custody and has been charged with being a stowaway but not under any terror or security laws.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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