Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke

“Is gold money?

It is not often that Federal Reserve C Ben Bernanke is at a loss of words.  Being the head honcho behind the U.S.’s inflationary policy and a strong supporter of the government’s bailout and stimulus programs the Fed chairman should always be on the ball during a congressional sub-committee hearing.  However, Bernanke seemed a bit unable to masterfully answer a few questions from Congressman Ron Paul. 

In the beginning of this video you will hear Bernanke try to explain to Paul why the trillions of dollars that were spent to stimulate the economy did not work quite as expected.  Then Paul interrupts Bernanke’s long-winded response and asks him how he feels about gold.  The kicker comes after Paul asks Bernanke if he thinks gold is money.  Play close  attention to the body language of both Paul and Bernanke.  You will see one of them with a slight grin and the other looking uncomfortable & agitated.