Dem. Congressman Walks From Interview Defending Redistribution Of Wealth

Defending hypocrisy…

Democrat Rep. Jim Moran does not shy away from his support for the redistribution of wealth.  During an interview Moran was asked this question:  “Should the government protect peaceful citizens against people who want to use force to take their money?”  Moran answered “yes,” while a look of confusion came over him.  The Congressman answered another set up question by the interviewer, but it was this question that marked the beginning of the end of the interview:  “Should the government redistribute its citizens wealth by forcefully taking money from some citizens through taxes in order to provide goods and services for others?” Moran attempted to explain his hypocritical position, but when he was again asked about the government’s role in protecting its citizens against those who want to forcefully take their money, which is what redistribution of wealth does, he abruptly walked away from the interview.

H/t to The Blaze.  They also made a side not that Moran is also not afraid to shout down veterans at his town hall meetings.

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