Leadership? It’s In The House, But Not The White House!

Leadership?  It’s In The House, But Not The White House! Image

Congress has twelve days until the August 2nd deadline to pass a budget deal that increases the debt ceiling to prevent what the Obama administration calls “Armageddon.”  That sounds pretty concerning, huh?  But if the situation is as dire as the President claims you might be wondering why he has not come out with a solid proposal to fix it.   After all, he is the President of the United States?  So where is the leadership?  I’ll give you a hint – it’s in the House, but not the White House!

During the entire debate over the budget and the debt ceiling the one person who has been virtually absent is the very person who should be leading from the front.  That person is President Obama.  However, all Obama (and his Democrat cohorts) has done during the debate is attack every proposal that Republicans have come up with, all while providing no firm proposals of his own.   Well I take that back.  Obama did provide one budget proposal several months ago that, as you would expect from a liberal, actually increases deficit spending instead of cutting it.  Hot Air has some pretty good analysis of Obama’s only budget plan.  It is worth mentioning that not a single Democrat voted for it.

President Obama is apparently not willing to take a stand and lead the budget & debt ceiling debate so the onus has trickled down to Congress.  Someone has to do it so if the President will not surely the House or Senate will.  Well, maybe not the Senate.  They have not passed a budget since 2008!  Yes, over 800 days have gone by since the Senate has passed a budget plan.  Keep in mind that the Senate is still controlled by Harry Reid and his Democrat colleagues.  Given their past performance do you really expect much more leadership from this body within the next two weeks?   That leaves us with the House of Representatives.

The 2010 elections became a referendum on Obama’s liberal agenda that largely succeeded by method of shoving radical pieces of legislation down the throats of Americans at every possible opportunity.  Americans were only going to take so much abuse before they changed the tone in Washington – which they did loud and clear by handing Republicans the largest political victory in over 70 years!  There is a lot to be said about that, but what do Democrats care?

The Republican-controlled House has been working tirelessly on the budget and debt ceiling debate despite the lack of leadership from Obama and the Senate.  Still, regardless of what they propose the backseat Democrats elect to throw rocks instead of leading by example.  I understand it is much easier to complain about someone else’s plan than it is for them to come up with one themselves, but if that is their strategy why exactly are we paying them a salary of over $174,000 a year plus benefits?  That is just a question to ponder.

At this moment the House has passed two separate budget plans and both of them have been slammed by Obama and the Senate Democrats.  The first budget was Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan that would have cut trillions in spending over the next decade while saving Medicare from eating up the entire government’s budget in the near future.  The Democrat-controlled Senate rejected Ryan’s plan 57-40.  With that plan now dead in the water the House came up with another budget proposal dubbed “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”  In my opinion this proposal is even better because it has a trigger mechanism attached that requires a balanced budget amendment be passed for ratification by the states.  This bill is both a short-term and long-term solution to the debt crisis that is crippling our nation.  It  actually force the government to live within its means!  Who would be against that?  I’ll let Democrats speak for themselves:

The Senate is set to vote on the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” budget bill, but unless Democrats develop a sliver of courage to do, not what they may prefer, but what is right for America’s future then the bill will also be dead in the water.  And what is the back up?  Not much.  The “Gang of Six” plan is an alternative that the White House was quick to encourage, but it will not be completed before the deadline and it reportedly does not even address the debt ceiling.  If the Senate does vote down the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill they very well may be voting for America to exceed its debt limit that will likely cause some serious economic implications.  If they choose that path then they are proving once and for all that they are not in any way serious about doing what is necessary to rein in out-of-control government spending.

Republicans cannot control what Democrats decide to do on this bill or any future bills.  However, they can continue to show leadership in the debate by standing firm on any proposals that offer short-term and long-term solutions to the debt and deficit problems without tax increases (Obama translation: “revenue increases).  If Democrats decide want to vote down solid proposals then let the responsibility fall on them.  But Republicans must not allow themselves to be duped into any watered-down compromise with Democrats that wastes this excellent opportunity for real change.