Do-Nothing Democrats!

You’ve got to stand for something nothing!

For the majority of House Republicans that something is a responsible debt solution plan that seriously addresses spending cuts in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling.  However, for Democrats that something is – nothing I guess!  They have no solutions on the table now nor have they offered any solutions to consider.  The best they can do (the Democrat-controlled Senate & Obama) at this point is promise to kill any bill that House Republicans pass.  Some leadership, huh?

Speaker Boehner is having quite a tough time selling the third budget proposal to House Republicans.  Conservatives in the House are concerned that the two-step bill will hardly result in any serious long-term spending cuts in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling.  I’m sure that Boehner’s heart is in the right place by wanting to ensure our government stays funded in the near-term in exchange for a smaller amount of spending cuts, which as a side benefit keeps the issue well alive through election season, but when it comes down to it the opportunity for real change has never been better.  Keep in mind though if Boehner’s short-term bill passes it will mark the third solution sent over to the Senate – Cut, Cap, & Balance being the best option.  Also, if the bill passes the House Harry Reid, who hasn’t passed a single budget in three years, plans on making it the third budget bill to die in the Senate.  From The DC:

House Republicans are just wasting their time debating Speaker John Boehner’s debt reduction bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today.

“Boehner’s bill dies tonight,” Reid communications director Adam Jentleson wrote on Twitter. “Forever.”

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the legislation today. Reid said Thursday afternoon he plans to put the bill up for a vote in the Senate afterwards.

“As soon as the House completes its vote, the Senate will move to take up that bill,” Reid said, “and it will be defeated tonight.”

“No Democrat will vote for a short-term Band-Aid that would put our economy at risk and put the nation back in this untenable situation a few short months from now,” he said.

In a lousy attempt to shift the blame that is surrounding Democrats the White House literally came out and labeled Republicans as the evil Grinch trying to ruin Christmas:

House Speaker and national grinch John Boehner is planning to spoil Christmas, White House officials are claiming, as they try to head off passage of Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling bill.

“Happy Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,” White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer declared today at 9.50 a.m.

I know what you are thinking – Democrats actually believe in Christmas?  When it is convenient for them they will stay just about anything.  Perhaps we are supposed to forget that Democrats slammed ObamaCare down America’s throat on Christmas Eve.