Free Pot In Exchange For Registering To Vote

You can’t make this stuff up!  As always, Democrats are doing what they can to attract and recruit “the best and brightest” of Americans.  Of course, try to bring these people out to vote because it is their civic duty or because of a moral obligation and they just don’t seem to get very far.  Buuuuuut…offer some free pot and you’ll have them lining up around the block!

A Lansing medical marijuana dispensary is offering medical marijuana patients a choice of a half a gram of medical pot or a marijuana-laced baked good called a “medible” in exchange for registering to vote.

On the dispensary’s website, owner Skekina Pena writes:

Protect Your Access! Vote 2011:

All dispensaries are doing a voter registration drive. If you sign up at Your Healthy Choice, we will assist you in filling out the registration form and will mail it out for you. We believe in power in numbers and everyone taking a stand. So in appreciation, we will reward legal patients with a .5 gram free or a free medible! I’m planning an event for the preliminary voting that will have shuttles to the polls! We have to amend our Lansing ordinance! May God bless our efforts!

The webpage then encourages readers to support Lansing City Council candidates Derrick Quinney, A’Lynne Robinson and Harold Leeman. It also encourages readers to vote against City Council candidates Carol Wood and Jody Washington.

But in an interview with Pena Wednesday, she denied she was offering free pot or medibles in exchange for registering to vote.

“If they fill [the voter registration form] out, we are offering a compensation of a discount on their purchases that day,” Pena told Michigan Messenger. “That’s it. To help out those who wasted their gas to come in here.”

The dispensary is located on Michigan Avenue, six blocks from the state Capitol.

A spokesman for the Secretary of State says that while ultimately the decision about whether or a not crime has been committed is up to a local prosecutor, Michigan law does address situations similar to this.

Read the whole thing here. Speechless.

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