Dick Cheney Book Unveiled!

I have a feeling some people in Washington are feeling a bit uncomfortable by this news.  Dick Cheney, not a man known for mincing words, is coming out with a new book that he declares will have “heads spinning.”  The Drudge Report is coming out with leaked pieces such as:


Wed Aug 24 2011 22:46:36 ET


Here he comes…

Dick Cheney offers no regrets about his controversial role as one of America’s most influential vice presidents or his 40-year career.

‘This is not an apology tour. It’s the book of a proud conservative. He’s not looking to kiss and make up with the NEW YORK TIMES set, or for that matter, some of his former Bush administration colleagues,’ declares a source close to Cheney.


Now only the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal some of the revelations from this fall’s most anticipated book:

·In a chapter entitled, SETBACK, Cheney is blunt about failures in Bush Administration foreign policy, especially in the second term. He criticizes ‘concessions delivered’ to North Korea ‘in the naive hope that despots would respond in kind,’ and says the president was badly served by his State Department, including through advice that was ‘utterly misleading.’

·Cheney excoriates Colin Powell for standing by silently, knowing that his deputy Richard Armitage was responsible for leaking Valerie Plame’s identity to the press.

·Says that it’s not Guantanamo Bay that hurts America’s image abroad but rather critics like Barack Obama who ‘peddle falsehoods about it.’

·Says that Attorney General John Ashcroft approved the controversial Terrorist Surveillance Program that tracked terrorist communications no less than 20 times before his deputy, James Comey, objected. In a briefing delivered by Cheney and NSA Director Mike Hayden, Democratic congressional leaders Pelosi, Daschle, Harman and Rockefeller unanimously agreed the program should continue and that the administration should not seek any further authorization from Congress. ‘The view around the table was unanimous… They feared, as did we, that going to the whole Congress would compromise its secrecy.’ When it did leak in the NEW YORK TIMES, Cheney writes that the NEW YORK TIMES clearly violated the law by printing information about classified communications intelligence programs.

·Unrepentant on Iraq. Even in hindsight, Cheney asserts it was the right decision, even taking into account mistakes on intelligence. Says those Democrats, like John Kerry, who supported the war and then flipped for political expedience and accused the president of ‘peddling untruths’ are guilty of just that themselves.

And all that is before breakfast!

The book was ranked #267 on AMAZON’s hit parade late Wednesday…

‘IN MY TIME’ streets and downloads on August 30.



I can honestly say that this is one that I look forward to reading!  There are a lot of unanswered questions, too many fingers pointing and it will be refreshing to hear the opinion of a very close insider of the Bush Administration.


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