Civility: CBC Declares War On ‘Racist’ Tea Party

Fear tactics!

Liberals have so far failed to alienate the tea party as a fringe, racist group of Americans, but that isn’t stopping them from trying again, and again, and again…

Last week I posted a video of Congressional Black Caucus member Maxine Waters’ classy comments calling for the tea party to “go straight to hell.”  The Blaze has a video up today with a series of clips showing other CBC Congressmen rallying their troops to wage war on the “racist” tea party.

It is not really surprising that liberal Congressmen are going home trying to get their base to rally around the Democrat flag.  Support for Obama and his agenda, in one way or another, is falling to dangerous levels with an election coming up.  These Democrats are merely trying to keep their base strong to avoid more losses at the polls.  But will it work?  How does mass-labeling all Americans that are extremely worried about the rapid escalation in the national debt and reckless spending as an enemy help your cause?  Those Americans are the majority.  Also it is important to remember that Obama won the election in 2008 with only 53% of the vote.  Considering that 2010 represents a dramatic shift in public opinion about the Obama agenda it is probably not the best strategy for Democrats to go into the election by blatantly calling war on the tea party and like-minded Americans.  But then again knowing that their message of hate and rage will backlash maybe they should keep it up!