Political Games: Obama Schedules Jobs Speech During GOP Debate

A distraction from substance!

When you are in trouble try to distract your opposition.  In Obama’s case the opposition is both the GOP and the American voters (who are throwing Obama’s job performance rating off a cliff).

Ever since the great debt debate was finally resolved (I use the term resolved loosely) Obama has been promising that he would come out with a plan.  His plan would be one to create jobs and keep America from going into a double-dip recession. That plan was going to have to wait until he went on a much needed vacation though!  I am certain the stress of dealing with those darn tea party Republicans is adding to his gray hair count.

While Obama was enjoying some R&R the U.S. economy has been much like a roller coaster.  Well, the stock market has at least.  All other indicators such as job numbers and consumer confidence have been tumbling.  But alas, the Messiah is back in town and it is time to get to business.  This time he is serious about getting to work for the American people and creating jobs.  To start things off right he is going to – wait for it – give a speech! 

Obama made his intentions known in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Feel free to read the entire letter below, but the at least take notice of the bolded part (my emphasis):

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. Leader:)

Our Nation faces unprecedented economic challenges, and millions of hardworking Americans continue to look for jobs. As I have traveled across our country this summer and spoken with our fellow Americans, I have heard a consistent message: Washington needs to put aside politics and start making decisions based on what is best for our country and not what is best for each of our parties in order to grow the economy and create jobs. We must answer this call.

Therefore, I respectfully request the opportunity to address a Joint Session of Congress on September 7, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. It is my intention to lay out a series of bipartisan proposals that the Congress can take immediately to continue to rebuild the American economy by strengthening small businesses, helping Americans get back to work, and putting more money in the paychecks of the Middle Class and working Americans, while still reducing our deficit and getting our fiscal house in order. It is our responsibility to find bipartisan solutions to help grow our economy, and if we are willing to put country before party, I am confident we can do just that.

Thank you for your consideration.



That sounds good, right?  It is basically what you’d expect from him given the deep divides in Congress.  The only problem is that Obama scheduled his jobs speech on the same exact day and time of the GOP debate that has been scheduled for months.  So much for putting “country before party.”

This move is nothing more than a political power play.  As POTUS he knew when the GOP debate was taking place.  He also could have scheduled a speech at any other day or time.  Why not do it tomorrow or the day before or after the GOP debate?  Why didn’t he do it months ago?  Heck, why even do it at all considering that all of his past proposals have failed.  Because it is a distraction from reality.  That reality is an economy that is crumbing on his watch and a field of strong opponents gearing up to tear his administration and agenda to shreds during a three hour debate…and soon enough a general election.

Boehner did respond to Obama’s request.  The summary: Great, but due to scheduling let’s do it on Thursday instead.