Video: America Needs Jobs, Not Speeches

Common sense!

Insanity.  That is the best way to put Obama’s game plan on jobs.  Speeches, speeches, and more speeches.  Talk of stimulus, tax cuts for some and tax hikes for others (job creators, aka the so-called “rich”), this or that…all without any logical, common sense plan as to how it will allow the free market to create jobs and build true wealth.  So far Obama’s economic “plan” has been one giant failure. Common sense should tell him that if he keeps doing the same thing over and over (speeches, stimulus) and it fails then it is not likely to work the next time he tries it.  Some say that is the definition of insanity!  But what does he know about how an economy grows?

I have some very old news President Obama and his liberal cohorts: the government does not create true wealth (long-term jobs)!  Therefore, Obama can talk it up until the cows come home, but nothing he says will create wealth.  He can, however, encourage his liberal Democrats in Congress to support reducing the size of government and loosen its death grip on the economy to allow business owners the ability to invest their money as THEY believe it will be best served.  There are thousands of suggestions that can be put forth along those lines (reducing regulation).  Will Obama make that suggestion though?  Maybe in a very round about way, but any political talk of a “moderate” or “balanced” approach to America’s struggling economy will be met with liberal partisan actions once the teleprompters are turned off for the night.

Here is a nice video appropriately titled America Needs Jobs, Not Speeches: