UK Muslims Burn American Flag At Embassy During 9/11 Moment Of Silence

UK Muslims Burn American Flag At Embassy During 9/11 Moment Of Silence Image

Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of the horrific and despicable attack on this country by radical Muslims – terrorists.  As I watched documentaries and old news clips from 9/11 I could not help the flood of emotions shooting through my body.  The plane smashing in to the towers…the burning buildings…the collapse…the tearful testimonials of those who lived through the event or lost loved ones in it.  All over the world Americans took time to remember and reflect on the events that took place on that terrible day.  But some others despicably decided to spend the day rubbing salt in to still sensitive wounds.

In London radical Muslims gathered at the U.S. embassy during a moment of silence to shout hatred propaganda to their group and burn the American flag:

Here is another video of the radicals featured on The Blaze:

To those with open eyes there is no question as to why Americans have a natural distrust of Muslims.  Hatred, violence, death and destruction completely surrounds their entire way of life.  That way of life is centered on Islam.

To be fair there there was a counter-protest by a group of Muslims who said these radicals are “bringing shame on all Muslims.”  While it is nice to see signs from Muslims saying “Muslims Against Extremism” and “If You Want Sharia, Move To Saudi,” they seemingly represent the minority of their race.  I’d like to see a Muslim holding up a huge sign with this picture on it:


  • Robert Picek

    Islam….such a peaceful loving religion…. NOT!