Attack Watch: Please, Snitch On Your Friends

Attack Watch:  Please, Snitch On Your Friends Image

Ataaaaaack Waaaaaatch!  It’s the place to go to snitch on conservatives who attack President Obama and his agenda.  For those with the mental endurance here is the promo video:

This “if you see something, say something” website is at best a little creepy.  At worst, which naturally is the consensus among conservatives, it is the laughing stock of the internet.  Coming off an embarrassing loss in New York I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.  All they need now is for all of their potential voters to ignore their 401K balance and the economic news between now and election day and he may have a shot at getting reelected.  Rounding up several thousand unemployed students (and other jobless victims of Obamanomics) for volunteer will help too.  If only those same people would volunteer to fix up all of the schools he claims are falling apart then we could shelve his jobs plan.