Obama: ‘If You Love Me, Help Me Pass This Bill!’

Obama: ‘If You Love Me, Help Me Pass This Bill!’ Image

He stands among an adoring crowd of young and easily influenced college students-who we can’t fail to mention have not yet felt the sting of his horrible policies because they still live on mommy and daddy’s dime and haven’t gotten a real job yet.  It’s easy to be “worshipful” of a celebrity-politician if you do it behind a safe plexiglass wall and your vote has no immediate and personal consequence.

And yet, it’s the youth vote that gave Obama the edge last election.  So, certainly he would be fostering the “love.”

While speaking in North Carolina on Wednesday, President Obama said, “I love you back” to an audience member who shouted “I love you.” He added, “But if you love me you’ve got to help me pass this bill.”

Hopefully this crowd will be too busy recovering from bong-night to show up on election day.


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