Dem Rep: ‘You Don’t Deserve To Keep All Your Money’

One of the best questions to ask a state or federal politician is “Out of every dollar that I earn how much do you think that I deserve to keep?”  Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky was asked that question on the Don Wade & Roma radio show.  Listen to her answer:

For a liberal Democrat Congressman Schakowsky’s answer is not completely surprising.  What is more surprising, at least to me, is that we are at a time in this country where that mindset is so boldly woven into modern politicians.

At first Schakowsky attempts to answer a completely different question by stating that the alternative is to not pay taxes at all.  That was not even the case during the colonial times, although it is important to remember that excessive taxes and regulations payed a major role in causing Americans to revolt (and by excessive they were MUCH, MUCH lower than the taxes we deal with today).

Taxes are a part of a developed society and Americans understand that.  However, our Founders clearly understood money to be our personal property and property rights were to be protected.  With that fact in mind the correct answer to the above question is “You deserve to keep all of your money.”  How the government decides to fairly tax its citizens from that point is a policy decision to be made by the appropriate elected officials.  Sadly, many politicians think of money in the complete opposite manner.  What you make is the governments and they will let you keep a portion of it.

  • Chris Bounds

    The IRS accepts donations! 😉

  • Joe Neal

    If I had it my way id give all my money to the government. I mean come on…its basically paying to live in the greatest country on earth…government runs tha military and they need money to fight for my right to overuse oil and call muslims terrorists….god bless only america!