Disgruntled: Liberals Threaten To Challenge Obama In Primaries

Disgruntled: Liberals Threaten To Challenge Obama In Primaries Image

Obama’s poll numbers have not only sagged among moderate and independent Americans. Even liberals are upset with Obama and it’s not just the CBC!

On May 22, 2011, according to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating among liberals came in at 81%.  That is not too impressive considering how much of a radical progressive Obama has been since he stepped foot in the White House, but it’s not bad either.  However, Gallup’s poll numbers are showing a startling trend for the Obama 2012 camp.  On September 18th Obama’s approval rating among liberals came in at 68%!  That is a 13% drop in approval from his strongest political base in less than four months!  In the words of Democrat political strategies James Carville, the White House should “panic!”

That’s not all!  Some liberals are vowing to challenge the former Messiah-like President in the upcoming Democrat primaries.  From The Washington Times:

President Obama’s smooth path to the Democratic nomination may have gotten rockier Monday, after a group of liberal leaders, including former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, announced plans to challenge the incumbent in primaries next year…

In search of candidates, Mr. Nader and the others sent out a letter, endorsed by 45 “distinguished leaders,”to elected officials, civic leaders, academics and members of the progressive community who specialize among other things in labor, poverty, military and foreign policy. The list, they said, also includes progressive Democrats who have held national and state office and have fought for progressive reforms.

“We need to put strong Democratic pressure on President Obama in the name of poor and working people,” said Cornel West, author and professor at Princeton University who has been highly critical of Mr. Obama’s tenure since helping him get elected in 2008. “His administration has tilted too much toward Wall Street, we need policies that empower Main Street.” 

But wait – there’s more!  An editorial in the Chicago Tribune calls for Obama to step out of the primary race and let a better candidate take his place:

His approval rating is at its lowest level ever. His party just lost two House elections — one in a district it had held for 88 consecutive years. He’s staked his future on the jobs bill, which most Americans don’t think would work.

The vultures are starting to circle. Former White House spokesman Bill Burton said that unless Obama can rally the Democratic base, which is disillusioned with him, “it’s going to be impossible for the president to win.” Democratic consultant James Carville had one word of advice for Obama: “Panic.”

But there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election. He can scrap the campaign, bag the fundraising calls and never watch another Republican debate as long as he’s willing to vacate the premises by Jan. 20, 2013.

That might be the sensible thing to do. It’s hard for a president to win a second term when unemployment is painfully high. If the economy were in full rebound mode, Obama might win anyway. But it isn’t, and it may fall into a second recession — in which case voters will decide his middle name is Hoover, not Hussein. Why not leave of his own volition instead of waiting to get the ax?…

Besides avoiding this indignity, Obama might do his party a big favor. In hard times, voters have a powerful urge to punish incumbents. He could slake this thirst by stepping aside and taking the blame. Then someone less reviled could replace him at the top of the ticket.

The ideal candidate would be a figure of stature and ability who can’t be blamed for the economy. That person should not be a member of Congress, since it has an even lower approval rating than the president’s…

As it happens, there is someone at hand who fits this description: Hillary Clinton…

I am reminded of the phrase “you reap what you sow.”  Obama, a man without a lick of executive experience took a bad situation and implemented every destructive, anti-free market policy that came to mind and this is what he has to show for it.  Sure, these liberals aren’t as concerned with the state of the economy is as they are about the lack of aggressiveness Obama has shown lately at proposing drastic Robin Hood policies – tax the rich, and tax them hard!  (I disagree that Obama’s not proposing them, but from a liberal’s prospective Obama is focusing more on political posturing than an ironclad progressive agenda.

As for some liberals trying to push Hillary Clinton in to this race (buyers remorse?), while I’m confident she could put up another good fight and could even possibly win the nomination why would she risk her political chips trying to fix Obama’s mess?  As it was for Republicans in 2008 the cards are stacked pretty high against Democrats in 2012.  Clinton should keep her hands to herself and let Obama frantically try to mop up his own mess while Republicans clean house at the polls next year.