New Welfare Music Video– ‘Swipe! Swipe!’

New Welfare Music Video– ‘Swipe! Swipe!’ Image

It’s a sad state of affairs when a new music video featuring a young and certainly able-bodied man is celebrating swiping his government issued food stamp card to provide for his every need and lamenting the fact that it won’t purchase his beer and weed.

For those of you who are unaware…EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer…the NEW and IMPROVED name to take away the shame or stigma of what we have always called “food stamps.”

The songs brags, “All I do is swipe, swipe…I be eatin’ good…this ain’t even my $*it, it’s my sister’s card she let me hold it for awhile…I buy it by the pound, when I’m gettin’ milk- I buy it by the cow…”

Welcome to the new Welfare States of America.




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