Dem Senator: We Need Some Of You To Get Arrested ‘For Doing Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing’

Surely that is taken out of context, right?  A United States Senator would not be calling for people to do “illegal things”, would he?  Democrat pundits and activists have no problem pushing their base to get them to do “illegal things”, but does an elected federal representative have a problem with it?  Decide for yourself if Democrat Senator Harkin does:

So is this the new standard?  Is it open season an unfiltered mouth to spit out violent rhetoric such as Jimmy Hoffa’s “take these SOBs out” comment?  It has only been nine months since Sarah Palin was unjustly smeared by the mainstream media about a campaign strategy that seemed too violent to some sissy liberals.

Nope – it’s just another example of liberal hypocrisy.