Are You Better Off Than You Were $4 Trillion Ago?

Are You Better Off Than You Were $4 Trillion Ago? Image

It’s a real downer when you got everything you wanted with a super-majority Democrat Congress and your policies still failed.  Unemployment is up, deficits are at record levels, the federal debts is continually breaking record…bailouts, stimulus, more bailouts and stimulus, regulation after countless regulation…and what does the Obama administration have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing but trillions of new debt!  This all kind of makes it harder to campaign for reelection.  But here’s to giving it the ol’ college try:

“I don’t think that they’re better off than they were four years ago,” Obama said. “They’re not better off than they were before Lehman’s collapse, before the financial crisis, before this extraordinary recession that we’re going through. I think that what we’ve seen is that we’ve been able to make steady progress to stabilize the economy but the unemployment rate is still way too high.”

Did you expect more than Obama’s traditional “things are starting to get better” propaganda.  The problem is that many Americans are not just thinking that they are WORSE off now than they were four years ago when the unemployment rate was below 5%.  They are asking themselves if they better off than they were $4 trillion ago?  Without question that money would have been put to better use if it was simply given directly back to the taxpayers.  But hey, Obama could have blamed it on Bush again.  Maybe that’s Biden’s job now: