Hank Williams Jr. Blasts ESPN & FOX News With New Song ‘Keep The Change’

Hank Williams Jr. Blasts ESPN & FOX News With New Song ‘Keep The Change’ Image

If you expected him to slouch away in shame by the reprimand from ESPN and Monday Night Football after his comparison of Obama to Hitler…think again!  Hank Williams Jr. is swinging back and this time with his music.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he used an analogy- not a comparison- but any chance for the politically correct police to throw a tantrum isn’t to be denied.  But, Hank isn’t going anywhere quietly.  Have a good time checking out “Keep The Change!”

In his new song about the controversy, Williams took aim at both ESPN and Fox News.

“So ‘Fox & Friends’ want to put me down/Ask for my opinion/Twist it all around/Well two can play that gotcha game,” he sings on the track.

Williams, a longtime supporter of Republican causes, also sings that the United States is becoming “socialist” and takes a dig at Obama’s 2008 campaign theme of “change.”

“I’ll keep my freedom, I’ll keep my guns/Try to keep my money and my religion too … Keep the government out of my business/ and y’all can keep the change,” he sings.

The song ends with the 62-year-old Williams, nicknamed Bocephus by his country music legend father, urging fans to join him in a boycott.

“Yeah you can keep ‘Fox & Friends’ and ESPN out of your homes too. ‘Cause Bocephus and all his rowdy friends and his song is out of there,” sings Williams, who is selling “Hank Jr. for President” T-shirts on his website.

Fox News declined to comment on the song, and a representative from ESPN could not be reached for comment.

The new Williams track borrows its title from a song called “Keep the Change,” which released by his daughter, Holly Williams, in 2009.

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