Cain: Pro-Life And Pro-Choice?

The “Anybody but Romney” Republican primary voters have taken a strong liking to Herman Cain.  But like Perry’s poll surge crashed when stood in defense of Texas’s DREAM Act so could Cain’s on the issue of abortion.

Personally, I’ve grown to like Cain over the past few months.  He says what he thinks, he is not a professional politician, and he has an impressive private-sector resume.  That combined with the conservative principles of a small, limited government and lower taxes is just about the right formula to win the Republican nomination.  But there are other things to consider and that is why we have the primary process.

Cain’s views on abortion were first introduced to me by a RedState piece on a recent interview he did with Piers Morgan.  But perhaps this interview with John Stossel gives us even more insight as to how Cain views abortion:

Are you as confused as I am?  I got that Cain believes that life begins at  conception.  I also understood that he believes abortion is wrong and should be illegal.   As a Christian that all fits well with me.  But does Cain believe all of that and at the same time believe that government should not get involved with the issue of abortion?  As crazy as it sounds is, that seems to be his view.  RedState clears the confusion:

There’s a simple term for people who feel that abortion is personally wrong, but that the government shouldn’t do anything to prohibit it: we call those people “pro-choice.” This position is fundamentally indistinguishable from the positions taken by Mario Cuomo, John Kerry, or pretty much any other nominally Catholic Democrat you want to name.

It will not take long for this to circulate through the wires and prompt other Republican candidates to take fire at Cain over this issue.  Rick Santorum took the first shot.  I can only imagine how much of an issue Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry will make of this.

If I were a betting man I’d say that this may be what brings an end, at least a temporary one, to Cain’s surge in the polls.  There are a lot of Christians in that group and they are not going to pull the lever for someone who is pro-choice.  If so who does that leave left for the “Anybody but Romney” crowd?  Newt Gingrich?  Ron Paul?