Watch The Reaction Of Occupy D.C. Protesters When Presented Job Applications

Jobs, jobs, jobs.  That is what the whole Occupy movement has been about, right?  Surely when presented with a table full of applications by a couple of corporate “headhunters” they would part from their feces and urine soaked tents and fill one out.  Middle management positions, lots of benefits, a good wage with growth potential, what’s not to like about these opportunities?  Well, Accuracy in Media (AIM) found out first hand that jobs aren’t really what many of the Occupy protesters are looking for:

“After more than a month of protest demands for better employment opportunities and benefits, Accuracy in Media saw fit to test their desires with…employment applications. Our ‘headhunters’ were treated to every excuse as to why these jobs aren’t good enough for them. We guess middle management opportunities with healthcare and 401k benefits aren’t desirable anymore.

The Blaze was told by AIM Director of Public Relations & Online Development Logan Churchwell that while the “head hunters” were actually AIM employees the applications were real.  The only exception was the Solyndra application.  That was thrown into the mix to see if the protesters were aware of the current events surrounding the failed energy company.

Chuchwell said that AIM looked to see how protesters would pursue  job opportunities, “If you handed it to them on a platter.” He concluded that it’s hard to take seriously that the protesters they spoke with were demonstrating against a lack of employment opportunities, given that only two protesters requested job applications from AIM “head hunters” that were at the Occupy DC camp for hours this past Friday.

According to him, the only applications that the protesters took were from Disney and Solyndra.

  • WiseOne

    What can one expect like I've been saying from day one that they are paid for to stir up trouble so the Reich can arise and take control of our very lives, our children and our future decendants. The little minions who joined them don't have a clue what this all about, history repeating unless we arise and take back what's our: this country that our forefathers established.