‘Occupy’ Protesters Turn Violent In Oakland

‘Occupy’ Protesters Turn Violent In Oakland Image

It was only a matter of time.  Liberals can only withhold their anger and disgust with America and the world for so long before they explode into a violent rampage.  Compare these videos and pictures to the tea party protesters who gathered by the thousands all over the nation on numerous occasions without any arrests or acts of violence.  First, a little flashback from a previous article of mine:

Over the past 100 years progressives have successfully built a class of Americans that are dependent on an unsustainable welfare system.  Eventually (and soon) those programs will have to be significantly cut or eliminated, but do you think progressives will quietly give up on their quest for a “social utopia.”  Not likely.  America could very well witness a violent outlash by radicals if the government tries to disassemble the progressive establishment.

Ok, one more flashback. This one is a bit more telling about what America may see in the near future.

Now I bring you, Occupy Oakland:

This was all just a “peaceful” protest though, right?  Michelle Malkin has several pictures of the Oakland riot aftermath.  Here is my favorite:

To the businesses in Oakland and other “Occupied” cities – remember that there are other states in the nation that are eager to have you.  Leave the hippies to their own filth and move to a more business friendly state such as Texas!

  • Elaine Eckart

    these people are not OWS, they are SHEEP being led to their slaughter by the leftwing liberals of the democrat party, who are terrified of having a CONSERVATIVE in the White House, and bringing the Constitution and Bill of Rights back to the people.
    Most of these young people don't even have to work, their parents are still stuffing their pockets…anything to keep them out of their homes because they failed in raising good citizens.