Is Chris Matthews Turning On Obama?

Is Chris Matthews Turning On Obama? Image

There was a time when Chris Matthews said that Obama sent a “thrill up my leg.”   Has the thrill in his leg morphed into a dull pain?

“What are we trying to do in this administration? Why does he want a second term? Would he tell us? What’s he going to do in the second term? More of this? Is this it? Is this as good as it gets? Where are we going? Are we going to do something the second term? He has yet to tell us. He has not said one thing about what he would do in the second term. He never tells us what he is going to do with reforming our healthcare systems, Medicare, Medicaid, how is going to reform Social Security. Is he going to deal with long-term debt? How? Is he going to reform the tax system? How? Just tell us. Why are we in this fight with him? Just tell us, Commander, give us our orders and tell us where we’re going, give us the mission. And he hasn’t done it.

And I think it’s the people around him, too many people around, they’re little kids with propellers on their heads. They’re all virtual. Politics, this social networking, I get these e-mails, you probably get them. I’m tired of getting them. Stop giving them to me. I want to meet people. Their idea of running a campaign is a virtual universe of sending e-mails around to people. No it’s not. It’s meetings with people, it’s forging alliances. It’s White House meetings and dinner parties that go on till midnight, and he should be sitting late at night now with senators and members of Congress and governors working together on how they‘re going to win this political fight that’s coming.

I don‘t have a sense that he’s ever had a meeting. I hear stories that you will not believe.”

This isn’t the first time that Matthews took some swipes at Obama, but does that mean that the liberal commentator on the network that Newt Gingrich accurately labeled “The Obama’s Re-Election Team.”  Don’t count on it!

Matthews does raise some good questions in his short rant.  Primarily he points out that Obama does not outline specifically what he is going to do.  Had Matthews not been drooling so much over Obama during the last presidential campaign season he would have realized that Obama has not changed at all since then.  He has never stood for anything more than vague, but flashy campaign rhetoric.  Obama didn’t have a plan to solve America’s numerous problems then and he certainly doesn’t have a plan to solve them now.

Just because Matthews is voicing his complaints about Obama’s absent leadership does not mean that you will see honest, well-balanced reporting from him when the general election kicks into full gear.  He may be upset, but Matthews is still a liberal.  If he values his job at MSNBC, and we know he does, he will tow the Obama/liberal line as happily as can be.  After all, Matthews isn’t necessarily upset with Obama’s performance.  He said that he is just waiting for Obama to “give us our orders.”  Once King Obama knows who his Republican challenger will be Matthews will get his orders and he will be sent off to accomplish the mission – to re-elect Obama!  Thankfully his network’s audience is limited to those that shoot the loony-liberal kool-aid as fast as it can be poured so his impact is minimal.