A Thankful Son: A View Of Abortion From The Other Side

A Thankful Son: A View Of Abortion From The Other Side Image

A 16 year old girl sits alone in a restroom stall.  Outside she can hear cars rushing by on a nearby over pass.  Strange how the world carries on while her world hangs suspended.  Beside her lies a small pregnancy test.  Her life is frozen in a delicate balance between the past and the future.  Beside her lies her future.

The past is a young girl growing up with an abusive father who divorced her mother.  The girl grew up alone, staying with relatives while her mother worked.  She worked hard in school and was going to be a lawyer.  The girl was a varsity cheerleader and track star.  God was a priority in her life, she had found Him recently and He had become the father she never knew.  She was the good girl, the girl who didn’t date guys, didn’t drink, never touched drugs.  The past was marred by painful memories and a broken family, but her future looked bright.  But alas, her future sits beside her.

The few moments she had been in the bathroom seemed to stretch out, lasting an eternity.  The stall formed a prison that she knew would entomb her with this new future.  Doom her to become another statistic, just another girl with daddy issues who messed her life up.  This had never been the plan, this wasn’t the way it was meant to be.  She looks slowly towards the piece of plastic that sits beside her and sees a thin line of blue…

I look out around me and see a country gripped by an epidemic.  A plague that has slowly crept it’s way into the very core of our culture and beliefs.  This disease is one of apathy.  We are a nation founded upon principles of passion.  Our forefathers stood firmly for their convictions, they fought passionately for their ideals.  Yet, now all I can see is a society that teaches tolerance no matter what the cost.  We live in a nation that indoctrinates it’s youth with the concept that offending someone is the ultimate taboo.  Who are we to question someone else’s beliefs?  What gives us the right to say that someone else is wrong?  We are born into a generation that is fed the lie that there is no reason to stand for one’s beliefs.

But I stand here and now to implore you to see that we have a reason to stand.  We must show that as a nation we still have beliefs, that some moral character and integrity lies within us.  A genocide is happening within our borders while we sit quietly and watch it happen.

…(Pause for 3 seconds)… In those three seconds of silence, 4 children were murdered by a doctor’s hand to make a quick profit.  These were not biological masses or bundles of genetic material.  They were people, lives that were ended prematurely.  It is said that nearly 45,000,000 abortions have occurred in the US alone, plus 3700 more each day.  This is more than the population of Texas and New York combined.  Murder is happening in our streets, and the topic is swept under the rug.  People turn a blind eye to this modern holocaust and avoid it’s mention.  We can’t allow this to happen.  This issue above all others must be brought to the light.  The world must realize the act it’s committing before it can turn away from it.  It is our job, no- our responsibility– to ensure that this silent majority is heard.  That the death of the innocent can happen no longer.

A young girl steps out of a bathroom and into the sunlight.  Tears have been wiped away and a decision has been made.  A new future has been accepted, a child will be born.

A boy is born into a home of loving parents.  They work hard to ensure that he is fed and provided for. He soon has 3 brothers and a sister.  As he matures he excels academically and athletically.  He starts a Bible study in junior high that he continues to lead throughout his high school years.  He is a member of the church youth council, an officer for the National Honor Society, and he plays piano.  The boy is now a man who will soon leave for college with scholarships and will play collegiate football.  The man is a leader and a friend to many.  He will probably go into the ministry or politics because he wants to affect change upon his world.  I am that man.

I stand before you now because of a simple decision made by a teenage girl.  A decision to protect life, to cherish a gift given by God.  My mother gave me a chance and because of that chance I can be heard.  She was the prime candidate for an abortion…even her mom wanted it, her future was lined out ahead of her.  I was a mistake, a small bump in the road.  She could’ve dealt with me and gone on with her life but she didn’t.  My mother sacrificed her desires, her plans, her future, that I might have a chance at life.  She chose God’s path, and that has made all the difference.

About the Author:  Christian Curnel is attending Hardin-Simmons University with a full academic scholarship as well as playing football for the university. He is double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Ethics. In high school he was an officer for the National Honor Society, vice president to the math and computer science clubs, a band member and attended a magnet program called the Academy of Science and Health. Christian hopes to attend law school and later get into politics.

  • Brooke

    Christian I am so incredibly proud of you. I knew that you had very strong opinions about this subject and since I've grown to know you it all makes sense as to why it matters so much. This brought tears to my eyes, and I am not a crier. Makes me happy to know that your mom went through a lot just to have you. She let God take care of it instead of doing it herself. We can all learn lots from her. To know someone out there had this amazing miracle child. Your whole family has touched so many lives because of this story and because of the way y'all live for the Lord and not yourselves. I know you don't believe me when I tell you this, but you are wonderful and I honestly do not know where I would be right now if I did not have you and your family with me. Christian I know you will go far and I always pray for you…to let God give you the strength you need to carry out all of your goals. You did good mr president:)

  • Shanae

    I gave a son for adoption last year, and abortion crossed my mind but not seriously. I have always known God and I know He has a plan for each and every life. I just regret not trusting Him enough to conquer my fear and keep my little boy…but at least I know Jesus has his hand on him. I just pray they both (God and my son) forgive me. Praise Him for giving Christian's mom that courage so long ago, and may He bless her without measure for instilling a knowledge of Christ in her son.

  • Erika

    Beautiful story. I have had three beautiful children not once in my three pregnancy I ever thought of abortion iam all for life…. Keep telling your beautiful story..

  • Jill

    Fantastic… absolutely fantastic.

  • Christian

    Are u anyway related to Levi Curnel?

  • Kim

    God bless you Christian. Keep telling your story, to everyone who will listen. You never know who's life God will use you to save. You are a voice for the unborn. God bless you.