Ron Paul’s New Video Ad Slams Gingrich

Ron Paul’s New Video Ad Slams Gingrich Image

“Serial Hypocrisy” is the charge and Ron Paul lays it on thick!  Will this matter to the “Anybody but Romney” crowd?  I’m sure it will add to the disappointment that conservatives who are supporting Newt due to a lack of a better choice, but will it at least change their vote?  Probably not.  At least not to Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.

National Review brought up a good question to think about (h/t to Hot Air):

“What if Gingrich had spent the past six years running for president and entered the primaries as the “inevitable” nominee, and then Bachmann, Perry, and Cain had all imploded? Would Romney now be surging on the strength of anti-Newt sentiment? If not, why not? “