Cain To Endorse Gingrich Today?

Cain To Endorse Gingrich Today? Image

Opinions abound concerning the decision that Herman Cain made to bow out of the presidential race.  Some were relieved for many reasons- the top reason being that they felt he wasn’t near ready for the highest office in the land.  Others were outraged because they wanted a political outsider in the office and experience meant less to them.  Regardless of everyone’s feelings on the issue, everyone agrees that his endorsement will certainly pull some weight in this presidential race and many have been holding their breath to see who he would give his endorsement.  It looks like we may have an answer today.

Sources tell FOX 5 News that Herman Cain plans to endorse fellow Georgian Newt Gingrich on Monday. They say details of a formal announcement are still being worked out.

A spokesperson with the Gingrich campaign said there is a 2 p.m. press conference in New York, which would follow a meeting with Donald Trump.

Voters will start the process of picking the next GOP presidential candidate in Iowa on January 2nd, and the first primary vote will take place in New Hampshire on January 10th.

For those of you who were ardent Cain supporters, I am eager to hear your thoughts on this endorsement?  Do you support it?

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