Senate Passes Bill Authorizing ‘Indefinite Detention’ Of Americans

Senate Passes Bill Authorizing ‘Indefinite Detention’ Of Americans Image

The National Defense Authorization Act (PDF) passed the Senate 97-3 and is set to be reconciled with the House bill.  Afterwards it will make its way to President Obama’s desk.  What’s the big fuss all about with this bill?  Nothing…except that it could lead to the permanent suspension of constitutional rights of American citizens on American soil!

Senator Rand Paul has been vocal about his opposition to this bill.  His concerns are obvious and real.  In a war that seems to have no end we are seriously considering giving the government the right to suspend some of our most valued rights (due process, trial, by jury, warrantless search and seizures) protected by the Constitution – all for the sake of safety.  While the bill’s intent has value it’s application over time can be destructive.  That is exactly why our Founding Fathers specifically outlined protections from such treatment by government in the Bill of Rights and it is why Senator Paul said this:

So far President Obama has promised to veto this bill if it reaches his desk.  If he follows through with that promise it will be a rare decision of his that I support.  However, as Info Wars explains Obama’s concern probably isn’t on the protection of American civil rights.  It likely has more to do with giving the U.S. the ability to evade the prisoner protections of the Geneva Convention.  It seems to be one of those “darned if you do, darned if you don’t” kind of situations.  Info Wars points out this famous scene in Star Wars that is all too fitting in this situation:  “This is how liberty dies.”