Question To Obama: ‘Do You Take Any Personal Responsibility’ For The Current Economy?

Question To Obama: ‘Do You Take Any Personal Responsibility’ For The Current Economy? Image

Every leader knows that when it comes to responsibility for those under your sphere of influence “the buck stops here.”  In other words responsibility always ends at the feet of the person that is in charge.  There may have been factors and conditions that a leader has little to no control over, but he is still responsible for the actions and reactions that are made due to the circumstances as well as the outcome of those decisions.

President Obama is a prime example of what a leader should not do.  With Obama most everything regarding the economy is someone else’s fault – ATMs, the internet, time, China, Congress, Republicans, the American people, President Bush, and the list keeps getting longer.  Obama continued his “It’s Not My Fault” campaign during an interview with David Alan who asked this loaded, but very important question: “Do you take any personal responsibility for your administration creating that condition?”  Here is Obama’s predictable answer:

The Blaze has some good analysis of the facts that dispute Obama’s notion that he is blameless.  I’d like to add that if someone in a leadership position cannot take an honest look at the reality of a grim situation (such as our current economy) and when the time openly discuss it along with their next plan of action then getting out of the mess is next to impossible – short of a miracle or plain luck.  That is where Obama stands right now.  He is unwilling to accept that maybe his actions (and inactions) have contributed to the sluggish economy.  One must wonder – and many have been since Obama was elected – if he is simply incompetent or is he acting with bad intentions?  Either way the American people lose!