Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview?

Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview? Image

Being # 1 isn’t easy.  Especially when it’s a heated Republican primary race with caucuses right around the corner.  Congressman Ron Paul may not have been polling at the top for long, but with the position he is in now comes increased scrutiny.

During an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger, Paul was asked about racist newsletters that were published under his name during the 1980s and 1990s.  Watch the exchange:

There is no doubt that Paul was aggravated by the newsletter questions.  Maybe he is tired of answering old questions or he doesn’t want to scratch old political wounds.  Regardless, this kind of pressure is part of the process.  It is hard to tell if Paul simply ended the interview early after Borger stayed on the subject or if the time was already up.  He didn’t exit with a smile though!

  • Lamblis

    I'm so sick of this kind of questioning of the Republicans. They NEVER and I mean NEVER put the Dems, especially Obama, through this crap. The Republicans need to bring this obvious bias up in every interview they have with the left wing media.