Perry Confronts Reporter Over Anonymous Source: ‘You Got A Name?’

Perry Confronts Reporter Over Anonymous Source: ‘You Got A Name?’ Image

Reporters use anonymous sources all the time.  Whether their source is an actual person or a simply random thought in a shady reporter’s head is up for the viewers to decide.  When Politico’s Mike Allen questioned Rick Perry about his anonymous source’s information that the Perry campaign has been mismanaged Perry quickly fires back with – “You got a name?”:

“Governor, some of your staffers have told us that you ran this as a gubernatorial campaign for too long and you didn’t look big enough, get big enough, fast enough,” said Mike Allen. “Do you take some responsibility?”

“I don‘t know who you’re talking to,” said a slightly smirking Perry, “So I can’t respond unless you give me a name.”

“These are members of your staff,” Allen replied.

“You got a name?”

“Who say –”

“You got a name?”

[awkward silence]

“You won’t listen to –” Allen tried once again.

“You got a name?” Perry repeated.


“If you don’t have a name to tell me this individual said this, then I don’t take that as a corroborating source,” Perry flatly stated.

  • rick

    DITTO. It's going to happen more often as people realize that the progressive liberal media is telling us to vote for the candidate of "their" choice.

  • joieg

    Finally! Someone challenges the liberal media! Wish there was more of that going on!