Rush Slams Gingrich’s Attacks On Romney: ‘He Sounds Like Elizabeth Warren!’

Newt Gingrich is touted as being the most intelligent presidential candidate in the Republican field.  Perhaps that is true in some sense, but what are conservatives to make of his all out war on Romney and his association with Bain Capital?  Well, Rush Limbaugh is calling out Gingrich’s attacks just as he sees it:

“Folks, things happen. Sometimes, they happen for a reason. Now, one of the things you have to say that is happening here is, whether he intends it or not, we’re finding out some things about Newt that we didn’t know. He sounds like Elizabeth Warren!”

If Gingrich is to be an anti-Romney candidate he is taking the absolutely wrong approach with his campaign strategy.  Criticizing the free market is not going to win over the limited government, capitalism-supporting, Constitution-loving conservative voters who are skeptical of Romney.  Perhaps that is why his poll numbers are falling and partly why Romney so easily clinched the win in New Hampshire.  Perhaps that is also why Ron Paul kind of came to Romney’s defense on the issue:

“I think they’re wrong. I think they’re totally misunderstanding the way the market works.  They are either just demagoguing or they don’t have the vaguest idea how the market works.”

Does that foreshadow a future alliance between Romney and Paul?  I highly doubt it, but it is fun to think about!  It does help marginalize Gingrich’s liberal attacks on Romney though.

  • joaniemc

    We just need to figure out who is the most "electable" (is that a word???) candidate, and for me, that would be the most conservative. Unfortunately, she has dropped out.

  • Vic Bailey

    Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are BOTH New World Order Preachers, and America doesn't want that or anything like that! How can the American people be so STUPID? The Socialist run media is trying to get their man elected. The DemocRATS want Romney in there because they know that their HOAX that pulled 4 years ago is comming to an end, and they need someone to keep them out of prison when the roof falls in on them! Wake up People! Semper Fi.