CNBC’s Santelli on Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’

CNBC’s Santelli on Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’ Image

You may remember Rick Santelli, the CNBC analyst that sparked the tea party movement nationwide with some passionate comments on the financial crisis and stimulus plans in 2009.  Yesterday, Santelli was asked what his thoughts were on Obama’s plan to increase taxes on the so-called rick, a.k.a. the “Buffett Rule.”  Watch as his head nearly explodes trying to explain the absurdity of Obama’s redistribution of wealth strategy.  As he illustrates, it’s all in the numbers!

“Let’s play a little game. Take a million dollars away from these people [the rich]! Just take a whole million from them, okay!  You see what I’m getting at? Gee, let’s take a billion away from those filiers, what does that do? It cleans out one month.”